Emperor Vitiate

The most powerful man to ever rule the Sith empire.


Lvl 30 Sith Emperor (5 lvls Force Adept, 25 lvls Sith Lord)

VP/WP 580/30

Str 30
Dex 16
Con 30
Int 34
Wis 38
Cha 32

Def 30
Att 35/30/25
DR 10 (Force armor); 5 (Sith armor)
Init 3

Fort 23
Ref 16
Will 32

Speed 8

Force Sensitive
Drain Force
Sith Sorcery
Exotic weapon (Sith sword)
Sith sword defense, expert defense, mastery
Burst of Speed
Combat Reflexes
Dissipate Energy
Frightful Presence

Force Grip (Int): 33
Force Lightning (Int): 33
See Force (Wis): 33
Knowledge (Sith Lore) (Int): 33
Alchemy (Int): 33
Transfer Essence (Cha): 33

Vitiate’s Sith sword (10d6 +10)
Armored Sith robe


From the shadows of history came a young man named Tenebrae. He was the bastard child of a Sith lord and a farmer. He murdered his father at the age of 10, earning the title of Lord Vitiate from Marka Ragnos. Using his new found rank, he subjugated a planet of his own away from the bickering of the Sith Lords and quietly built his own might and wealth to legendary proportions. He lured the Lords of the Sith to his planet and took all their lives in a ritual that made him immortal. Now, every Sith who passes through the Order harbors some ambition to over the Emperor and take the throne for themselves…

Emperor Vitiate

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