Death Stars and Krayt Dragons

Session 7 recap
The bigger they are...

Thanks to their ingenuity while imprisoned on Gundo the Hutt’s transport ship, our heroes find themselves alive and undetected in the heart of Hutt space. Making the most of the opportunity, they grill the locals on the museum they’ve been directed to and find out that while it’s most certainly a front for a number of illegal activities, even the bravest and most skilled of thieves have not dared tried to infiltrate it. Klorr, using her knowledge of Hutt space, introduces them to a contact of hers, a fence who’s dealt directly with Gundo. He knows of a way to get them it, but says that it won’t be easy. Gundo the Hutt runs a competition and tends to lavish favors on the survivors.

He hands them each a small yellow data chip and leads them to the museum. He takes them around back and gets them into a secret door, but then vanishes before they can ask what’s waiting for them. Upon stepping into the building and riding the elevator down, they slowly realize that they’re about to enter into an arena of some kind. They spot a projector and Klorr, a fluent speaker of Huttese, translates. She says that the crowd is chanting their names, and that the announcer says that they’re something of a guest of honor in this competition. They also realize that this barbaric pit is a game show. They’re a bit concerned, but they also know that this is their best opportunity to talk to Gundo and so they decide to use their entrance chips and enter the arena.

The announcer explains that their opponent will be chose by a chance cube, which rolls to one of the red sides. This causes a door to open in corner of the arena and a lone Gammorrean, introduced as Gammorrean Gort, steps into the stadium. The crowd initially lets out a roar but then quiets down as a series of lumbering footsteps, accompanied by a deep growl, makes their way toward the entrance. A hulking, vicious watch-beast, called Froo-Froo by its master, takes its place by his side and, after a few moments of preperation, the battle begins. A long, tense battle ensues. Perandor, with his new double-bladed lightsaber and Rosh wore down their opponents while Klorr kept their vitality up, resulting in a close but decisive victory for our heroes. They’re then quickly ushered into a room with a sophisticated holoprojecter where they’re greeted by a very impressed Gundo. Gundo thanks them for sending his ratings through the roof and rewards them handsomely. Not only did he proffer the promised information and item to Rosh and Perandor respectively, but he also gave them a substantial amount of credits and access to his personal merchant network.

Now with the locations of his family at last, Rosh looks the mainland of Nal Hutta, with Perandor and Klorr following him for their own reasons…

Between sessions 5
A hive of scum and villainy

Nar Shaddaa is one of the most notoriously corrupt and dangerous planets in the galaxy. Even the most innocuous looking establishments and people are regarded with suspicion and rightfully so. This planet is the central hub of the varied and numerous criminal activities of the Hutts. The little moon isn’t huge, but it’s treachery will require a great deal of careful planning to navigate, especially as the museum that’s being sought is the heart of one of the most massive and lucrative slaving operations controlled by the Hutts…

Session 6 recap
It's a trap!

Rosh and Perandor bid Dr. Kal-Daj farewell and approached the government quarter in hopes of using the information they’d obtained on the Xim clan as leverage with the Hutts. They found a few members of the Hutt delegation’s guard taking a break in a cantina and, thanks to the intimidating presence of Rosh, agreed to take them to the Hutts. Thanks to the info they possessed the negotiations went smoothly enough, but immediately after leaving the presence of Gundo the Hutt something went wrong with the elevator they had boarded. It stopped dead about half way down, prompting Rosh to take apart the control panel. A little investigation revealed the presence of a device that had no place in the guts of elevator control panel and reached in to pull it out. However, upon touching it, a jolt of electricity blasted through the elevator car, knocking Rosh and Perandor out cold.

They awoke in a cell in the hold of the very ship Gundo had promised to lend to them with a Gamorrean guard leering in at them. They asked why Gundo had done this, and the guard responded that Gundo never said they’d be going to Nar Shadaa as free men and left with a nasty laugh. As Rosh and Perandor surveyed their surroundings, they made the acquaintance of a Dathomir witch named Klorr who’d been captured by the Hutts while rooting around for information on the Jedi. They eventually spotted a control panel which Perandor blasted with Force lighting, which caused it to malfunction and open up their cells.

After agreeing to take the witch along with them they turned their focus on finding their gear. Here Perandor and Klorr elected to focus on the Force and located their weapons in a storage room down the hall. They managed to lure in the Gamorrean guards out and knock out one, allowing Rosh to grab the beast’s vibroax and kill the other one. They gathered their gear and then figured out how to take over the ship without alerting the Hutts and came up with a cunning plan: using an emergency alarm lever, they’d lure the crew into a trap built by Rosh from parts found in the storage room. The plan worked beautifully. The remaining armed crew members were incapacitated and throw into the recently vacated cells after Rosh repaired the control panel, and the captain piloted the ship to a safe landing on a private Hutt port. Rosh, Perandor and Klorr now made plans to get what they came for…

Between sessions 4
It's always political

During this time in history, though the planet has been annexed into Revan’s Sith empire, Raxus Prime is still largely run by Santhe/Sienar Technologies, a powerful industrial family that’s some 10,000 years old by the time our story takes place. The Sith are so distracted with the problems caused by Revan’s actions that they take no notice of the dealings of Raxus Prime’s governing body, thus allowing them to continually involve themselves in all manner of corrupt and highly lucrative activities. With this in mind, our heroes much approach their coming confrontation with the Hutts carefully…

Session 5 recap
A brief history of Raxus Prime...

Our heroes landed in Raxus Prime and were immediately whisked away by a noble and his guards who were under impression that the Empire had sent them to lend aid. The noble revealed himself to be the last member of the Xim royal family and that he was having a great deal of trouble with the Hutts. The Hutts were attempting to complete a hostile takeover millennia in the making by means of using his great ancestor’s credentials to lay claim to the last remaining unspoiled piece of land on Raxus Prime. He had tried everything to stop the Hutts but they held all the power in this game of tug of war. However, he then informs them that he’s made a discovery that could potentially save his family’s land. He came into possession of a type of datapad that hadn’t been seen in the galaxy for nearly 10,000 years and that bore his family’s crest. He found that the book bore financial and trade records for none other than Daritha Xim, Cielpha Xim’s notorious great ancestor. The last few entries, however, were not in Tionese, the language of the human population of Raxus Prime back then but, rather, in a supposedly extinct variant of the Sith language. Not even the Nikato Machinist’s could translate it (though they were able to tell him that the entries were only about 2000 years old) and he was hoping that a student of the Sith might be able to read it.

Due to the age of entries and the presence of the Sith language and Xim’s ties to the Hutts both Rosh and Perandor immediately agreed to pursue the man’s request. Perandor had no training in ancient Sith, but his newly built protocol droid, P-3P0 could. P-3P0 translated the writings as a journal of sorts written by a Sith apprentice on the lam by the name of Keph. Keph told of how he’d fled the order after the death of Darth Mortalis and had been captured by Hutt slavers while wandering what had once been Tionese space. They stripped him of his lightsaber and shipped him off to a Hutt proxy factory on Raxus Prime. He escaped this servitude easily enough but was pursued and badly injured before evading his captors in a ruined storage unit. The wounds were too grievous for his abilities in the Force and he ended up spending the last of his days in that shed.

Armed with the location of this storage unit and set of vehicles from Xim, they arrived in just a few hours time. A first it appeared to be nothing more than a great mound of earth, but an examination by Kal-Daj revealed to be overgrowth on the structure they were searching for. Their exploration of the building proved to be quite hazardous. The very entry way was trapped, which they discovered after failing to bypass the ancient Tionese security terminal. Kal-Daj ended up being knocked by the resultant gas that began filling the room and Perandor and Rosh were briefly incapacitated. The effects of the gas wore off long enough for Perandor and Rosh to destroy the decrepit disposal droids that were attempting to carry off Kal-Daj and, after reviving him, they pushed on in the building. Shortly after doing so they ran afoul of a nest of vicious Bloodsniffers which, though they survived, left them in a weakened state. Fortunately the other rooms were not so lethal. They found an old armory filled with rare and exotic weapons and armors, a long disused room that had clearly been the resting place of Keph and an archive brimming with old holotapes, book and artifacts, including some, Kal-Daj realized, that might have belonged to the Rakatans or even the Celestials themselves. Kal-Daj was too distracted with the artifacts to notice Rosh and Perandor holding a conference over the records that Xim sought. The Hutts held answers for both men and the felt it would be in their best interests to take these records to the Hutts so as to be able to manipulate them. They made their way to the capital of Raxus Prime and bid farewell to Kal-Daj, who’d elected to stay with the Nikato Machinists to study the artifacts. Rosh and Kal-Daj now turned their sights to the capital’s political sector…

Still alive...
We're doing life, but we're still alive

We haven’t had a group discussion in some time and I know that’s hard to arrange these things with the craziness of this time of the year. I’ve had opportunity to sit down and talk with Pilz, and I think the general consensus is that we want to finish out this campaign, but that it’d be best to not start up again until after New Year’s.

Let me know what you guys are doing on New Year’s day. If you think you might be available, I’d like to have a discussion about resuming the game on that day. The location of the meeting for the locals will be at the Panera Bread on Augusta road. They have wi-fi there which will allow me to pipe in Patrick via Skype so we can hammer things out.

Get back to me ASAP, guys. Every campaign has to end but I want it to end on our terms. Contact me through OP’s private messaging function, e-mail, text, whatever, but just try to respond within the day if you can.

The schedule from here on in

Alright, guys, this time of the year is always busy, but a lot of us have a lot going on right now in addition to the normal craziness. Pilz will be getting married soon (congrats to him!), Pip is going out of town next week, Pat’s been working hard on his school projects, I’m getting a lot more hours, etc. As you know I called off last night’s session because of all the business and because, frankly, I was unprepared due to getting called into work a significant number of times since the last session.

I’m gonna work on budgeting my time better, but the main reason I posting to this is to ask you guys what you want to do for the next couple sessions. Pilz won’t be available til mid-November or so due to his upcoming nuptials, so, do we want to keep doing three man sessions until Pilz can join us or do we want take a hiatus for a bit until things settle down? Lemme know what you want to do by either replying to this post or messaging me on FB.

In between sessions 3

Raxus Prime, at this time in Star Wars history, is not the junkyard hell that’s depicted during the Rise of the Empire era. Industry has replaced the great kingdoms of old, but the planet still has natural beauty to it and the old Hutt conflicts are still alive and well, carried on by the remaining members of the Xim bloodline. The Xim are very wealthy and have largely ignored the great Galactic conflict in favor of finally ending their long feud with the Hutts, who wish to take over Raxus Prime as part of their burgeoning empire due to the planets incredible manufacturing potential.

Meanwhile, the Nikato Machinists, who have no particular allegiance, are looking for expert craftsmen to aid them in their endeavors to understand ancient Sith technology. They’ve recently funded internal expeditions to some of the ancient castles on the planets after stumbling upon a cache of Sith gear during their campaign to preserve the old palaces. They’re well versed in all manners of craftmanship, but the intricate, Force-based nature of these items is taxing even their great skill…

Session 4 recap

In our last session we visited the rebuilding planet of Cathar to find Apprentice Zal. Our intrepid quartet landed in an abandoned area of the Ciju Deniki, one of the planet’s greatest forests. Due to the rough landing Patan stayed back to work on his ship while Rosh, Kal-Daj and Perandor went on ahead to search for clues. A few meters into the woods they came upon one of Cathar’s great city trees, a city tree which belonged to none other than Rosh’s own clan. Rosh revealed that part of his purpose for coming back home was the hope that he could find some clue to the whereabouts of his wife and children. Rosh took some time to examine the familiar carvings in the tree and abandoned tenements within but found nothing of interest. He regained his composure and they pressed on after Perandor found a faint trace of Force energy leading north.

The northern path revealed a brand new city tree with story carvings depicting that the city was founded near the beginning of the rebuilding process. Meanwhile, stealthy Cathar guards had crept up behind them, eventually alerting Kal-Daj and Perandor to their presence, though Rosh was, at first, too enamored with this new city tree. Rosh eventually picked up on the growlings of his native language and realized that whoever was speaking was verging on attacking his companions. He managed to intervene, however, and was given permission to enter the city tree and speak to elder Feloor. Feloor graciously welcomed Rosh and his friends to Nyarah and asked their purpose. Rosh explained their story and Feloor stated that while he knew little of Rosh’s family he did know something of an unusual grave. However, the elder’s minor Force sensitivity gave him an uneasy feeling about Perandor and so he decided to test Rosh and his companions for trustworthiness by assigning them two tasks: locating his son who’d stormed off to undertake the Cathar Blood Hunt ritual in response to an argument they’d had and figuring out why his people were disappearing around an old kiltik nest known as the Great Queen’s Hive.

Rosh understood the elder’s concerns as he had misgivings about Perandor himself and willingly accepted the elder’s tasks. After a brief discussion the three decided to investigate Te’thel, the missing elder’s son. Rosh knew that the task would be dangerous as the only place Te’thel would be able to carry about a Blood Hunt since the Mandalorian invasion would be the Ailing Fens. The Fens were the site of a famous Blood Hunt that supposedly drove an entire kiltik nest to extinction, though it was never proven for certain. Aside of that, it was also crawling with huge fisher spiders, arachnids that used their webbing as lures rather than tree-spanning traps. Upon entering the Fens they spotted two paths and decided that it would behoove them to proceed as carefully and quietly as possible. Perandor, however, tripped over root and splashed the water at the edge of a bog, causing a thick rope of webbing to launch seemingly out of no where. Kal-Daj examined it and found that, while it was fisher spider webbing, it had an usual quality to it, though he could place his finger on it. They pressed on and found two separate entrances that lead further into the woods in two different directions.

They elected to take the top most entrance first and ended up finding a dark, web-enclosed grove of trees that contained several clutches of enormous spider eggs. Kal-Daj spotted some creatures tending to the eggs and realized that the kiltiks had somehow bred with the fish spiders. Rosh in the mean time spotted fresh Cathar tracks in the area, though they went no further than where the were standing and had turned back toward the way they’d came. This, in conjunction with Perandor picking up on a humanoid presence nearby with the Force, prompted them to try the other path, which found them in a cavernous, heavily webbed copse of trees. This put them on edge, but they soon spotted their quarry. Te’thel was wrapped tightly in the same thick webbing and was stuck to a wall in a far corner of the copse. Kal-Daj and Rosh managed to successfully steal over to that wall, but Perandor once again suffered a moment of imbalance and made a commotion as he tripped and fell. As before a rope of webbing, much thicker than the previous strand, shot out of the darkness, and this time Perandor was unable to evade it. Rosh and Kal-Daj drew their weapons while Perandor struggled to free himself. He succeeded but ended up flat on his face on the copse floor, and at that point the launcher of the web rope came into sight. An absolutely enormous spider emerged from the shadows, the spider-kiltik queen. Perandor scrambled to his feet and helped Rosh and Kal-Daj cut down the heavily armored arachnid. The freed a very grateful Te’thel who raced home to to patch things up with his father.

The three then turned their attentions to the Great Queen’s Hive. Upon examining the area outside the hive they found a number of fresh footprints, most of which were the bare, padded-feet of Cathar, but some of which were from heavy boots. They quickly entered the cave and found a pile of bones, which Kal-Daj examined. The pile was a mixture of Cathar and human remains dating back to about the time of the Mando invasion. Their attention was then caught by a faint light deeper in the cave and a soft sound of voices. The three crept forward and found that the light was coming from an old chamber that was filled with cages containing ragged Cathar people. Much to Rosh’s outrage, men bearing Neo-Crusader Mandalorian armor were trundling around preparing the cages for shipping. Rosh and company managed to get the drop on the men and engaged them in combat. The leader of the group called Rosh Fur Face and stated he and his friends would fetch a nice price on the slave market. Rosh and Kal-Daj managed to subdue him and then freed the caged Cathar and asked them what exactly was going on. They explained that this man, fancying himself Mandalore the Usurper, had attempted to rebuild the Mandalorian empire (as had so many other Mandalorian clans) and was building up funds from slave trading to do so. One of the other slaves had overheard the slavers talking about some of their early sales, and told Rosh that his family had been among them, and had been sold to the Hutts, though he knew no more than that.

Rosh bound up the would-be Mandalore and deposited him in the custody of Elder Feloor. Feloor was immensely grateful for their help and presented them with a good chunk of credits for their help and gave Rosh his family’s ceremonial armor, an heirloom they’d rescued from the Torion city tree. He then told them of a catacomb they’d found in an old kiltik hive called the Carrion Mound. The hive itself was empty, but the desert path leading to it was still guarded by antlion kiltiks. Rosh, Perandor and Kal-Daj traversed the sand traps with little difficulty and entered the Mound, finding the tomb in short order. The casket contained an old, non-functioning lightsaber. However, when Perandor took hold of it, he immediately sensed a piece of life essence within the weapon, incredibly old and mindlessly angry, which he surmised to be a piece of Mortalis himself. So, with another piece of the puzzle in their possession they made way to Raxus Prime…

Session 3 recap

First, an apology. Once again I’ve not been very communicative and I do apologize. Been dealing with illness since last Friday but I’m doing better now.

Any way, we last left off at our arrival on Alderaan. Our heroes, a man short due to Patan’s absence, nonetheless pressed on into Alderaan’s merchant quarter to find both Go’lor’s coffin and the Quarren that had left their host, Carmeck Zel, in his current state.

Upon arriving in the merchant quarter the first thing that caught their attention was the enormous and stately building that dominated the area. This building was the Alderaan Museum of Art and History, and that was where they started their search, though not before carefully avoiding two Republic Security officers. When they entered the building they nearly ran headlong into a a pacing intern, Par Trensel. Par guardedly filled them in on his situation: he worked with Alderaan’s well-hidden artifact black market to obtain some of the museum’s greatest pieces, and what was arguably the greatest piece was on planet, but was being withheld by his supplier, the Red Vornskrs. Perandor, Kal-Daj and Rosh agreed to go investigate and were pointed to a contact of Par’s at the Golden Gezzer tavern.

The tavern was quite crowded and they had to evade two Republic Security officers but eventually found the contact. He told them to meet him behind the houses across the way and he’d give them further information meeting his boss, Mag. However, this turned out to be a set up as the three were ambushed the contact and his men. Then, Perandor drew his saber and felled one of the thugs, causing the rest to flee and the contact to surrender. He half-heartedly apologized, stating that protocol was to dispose of anyone who wasn’t an established regular customer and agreed to take them to Mag if they spared his life.

They agreed to do so but held him at gun point the whole way and arrived at a nondescript door on the outside of a nondescript building. He opened and motioned them inside, but they were quite suspicious. They took a second to investigate and saw that it was only an elevator, but they were still very leery of entering and so kept their captive at gun point as they entered. At first all seemed to be above board but then, a few minutes in the lights suddenly went out. Rosh lunged for their prisoner and bellowed for an explanation but he received no answer and his hand found no purchase. A moment later the lights came back on and the contact was gone. Kal-Daj and Rosh examined the elevator and found a compartment in the floor, but it was sealed off and they had no choice but to let the elevator run its course.

It stopped after what seemed like an eternity (during which time Kal-Daj, Rosh and Perandor readied their weapons) and they stepped out, finding themselves in a room with four doors leading in four different directions. The first room they entered contained scientists and technicians, who immediately dropped what they were doing and attacked the intruders. However, their combat prowess was nothing compared to the well-honed skills of the invaders and they were quickly felled. The room proved to contain the coffin as well as some gruesome experiments but they couldn’t leave yet as they needed to see if they could find any information on Kezo Leff, the Quarren Zel was after.

So they began to look into the other three rooms. The next room was dark, with the only light coming from computer screens and the only beings within being slicers who were too busy with their work to notice them. The managed to sneak through the room, but Perandor stayed back and slipped up behind one of the slicers, killing him for no other reason than, quite simply, he could. This didn’t sit well with Rosh and Kal-Daj, but time was short so they moved on to the next room, which proved to be the Red Vornskrs’ barracks. This time, upon successfully getting through unheard, they made sure that their presence was unnoticed and made their way to the last room in the building: Mag’s command room.

Mag was the only one in this room and they managed to get the drop on him, causing him to turn around in his chair with his hands up in surrender. They demanded information from him, finding out that he was, in fact Kezo Leff. As they prepared to apprehend him they were ambushed by Leff’s elite guards, who’d been hidden and used the time our heroes spent interrogating Leff to sneak up on them. The three of them quickly dispatched the heavies, took Leff into custody and took the coffin with them.

They headed back to Zel’s home and put Leff in his possession while they focused on the coffin. They decided, despite promising Par that they wouldn’t mess with it, to crack it open. They found what they were looking for and them some. Go’lor turned out to be the Dead Lekku’s record keeper and had all a holodisk with all of said records buried with him, as well as Mortalis’s meditation focus. That, combined with ceremonial Geonosian burial treasures found with the other items and a saber crystal found in Leff’s office resulted in a good haul. They left the empty coffin with Par and, after some discussion, decided to head to Cathar to investigate another of the remaining burial sites…


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