Rakatan shaman's staff

A primitive weapon infused with the Dark Side.

weapon (melee)

Prior the rise of the Infinite Empire most Rakatans weren’t aware of their Force sensitivity and the few that were splintered off into vicious wandering tribes lead by powerful, iron-fisted shamans. Daritha Xim encountered one such tribe during his conquest of Felucia. The legend goes that Xim was captured by the tribe and nearly sacrificed in a ritual and was forced to wipe them all out to his life and that of his soldiers. The story is largely considered to be false by modern day scholars who speculate that, in reality, Xim likely had his men destroy the primitives while scouting for a piece of land on which to build a base. The only part of the story that most accounts agree on is this rancor-femur staff, which was taken as a trophy by Xim for both its wicked design and the fact that it seemed to be some kind of amplifier for the shaman’s abilities.


1d10/1d10 +2
Crit 19-20

+5 to Force skill rolls
+2 VP cost to successful Force skill rolls

Rakatan shaman's staff

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