Heart of Keph

Keph's own powerful lightsaber crystal


+3 damage

On a successful hit, gain VP equal to the amounts below plus Con modifier:

2d4 VP at 4th level
2d6 VP at 8th level
2d8 VP at 12th level
2d10 VP at 16th level
2d12 VP at 20th level

On a successful crit, gain 1d4 plus Con modifier WP

On normal hit opponent rolls a Fort save; upon success attacker only gains half of the rolled VP and opponent is stunned for one round. Fort saves cannot be rolled against crits.


Keph was known among his fellow apprentices for his passion, particularly for all things related to combat. This fierce warrior harvested his saber crystal from the heart of a Force golem created by an old ex-Jedi Master on Ord Mantell. The crystal contained an immense amount of Force energies related to healing and lifeforce, and so, naturally, Keph bent this to the Dark Side. The power within the crystal has been corrupted to steal life rather than give it, though one with great physical strength might be able to at least partially resist the effects this vicious artifact.

Heart of Keph

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