Go'lor's holodisk

A record of the Dead Lekku cult.


Quest Item


Go’lor was the official record keeper of the Dead Lekku and recorded all their brief activities, including the departure of the four from Korriban after Mortalis’s death. The holodisk reveals that the other two apprentices, Keph and Zal went into hiding on Raxus Prime and Cathar respectively, and that they each took something of Mortalis’s: Czarino took the holocron, Go’lor had Mortalis’s meditation focus (one of his severed lekku), Keph took something that Mortalis referred to as his “key” (his other lekku encased in carbonite) and Zal took Moralis’s lightsaber. Perhaps these rest of these items have some significant relationship with the holocron…

Go'lor's holodisk

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