Degenerate Longshot

The prized disruptor rifle of a Hutt bounty hunter.

weapon (ranged)

True blood Hutts generally take on the roll of behind the scenes puppeteers rather than the active and dangerous life style of bounty hunters, but a few have made a name for themselves in the course of galactic history. One of the most feared was Crezza the Hutt, thanks in large part to his intimidating weapon. Like most Hutts, Crezza was not a very mobile being, so he relied on the element of surprise and powerful ranged weapons on his jobs. Crezza took a generic disruptor rifle and modified it to increase damage output and effective range while sacrificing capacity and ease of handling. Crezza the Hutt and his lethal rifle were last seen on a pirate vessel heading into the Unknown Regions. Neither he or his weapon were seen again until Xim the Despot looted the rifle during his sacking of a history museum on outlying Hutt colony.



Crit 18-20

Other statistics:
Requires Str 15+ to wield

Range: 60m

Bonus: +1 Att bonus per range increment when firing at targets 20m away or more; -1 per range increment when firing at targets 8m away or closer

Degenerate Longshot

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