Control Collar

Intricate collars that break the will of the wearer.


-2 to Str, Wis
Adds +10 to the DC of Will saves

VP 10
DR 2
Def 12


The Geonosian pits are brutal, and not every participant enters willingly. Many beings and creatures, due to their immense physical strength or strong will, can’t be controlled with threats or bribes. The Geonosians came up with one of the most effective means of control known to the galaxy at this time. An impenetrable artifice housing conceals powerful neural suppressors that effectively turn the wearer into a living marionette. The devices are controlled either by a simple handheld device or by a program that can be installed and used from any terminal or data pad. These collars, even if damaged, are extremely valuable due to the desire of artificers and technicians from all corners of the galaxy to be able to duplicate Geonosian craftwork.

Control Collar

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