Tulg and Zulg

Twin T'surr warriors


Lvl 5 soldiers

VP/WP 55/13

Str 17
Dex 12
Con 13
Int 6
Wis 8
Cha 10

Def 16
DR 2
Att 7
Init 1

Fort 5
Ref 2
Will 0

Speed 10m

Intimidate (Cha): 10
Listen (Wis): 4
Spot (Wis): 4

Weapons proficiencies (vibro, blaster pistols, blaster rifles, simple, heavy)
Power Attack

Vibro-ax (2d10)
Control Collars (-2 to Int, Wis)
Arena armor (DR 2, max Dex bonus 5)


Tulg and Zulg stowed away on a T’surr pirate ship as youngsters in hopes of gaining fortune and fame, but upon being found they were sold to Toydarian slavers by the irate captain. The Toydarian slaver who headed the operation was delighted to have not one but two extremely rare T’surr slaves, but also knew that due to their incredible ferocity and forceful personalities that he’d to find some way to control them before they grew too much larger. The head slaver took them to Geonosis where the Geonosian technicians fitted them with specialized control collars, and the Toydarian made a fortune off of them in the gladiatorial pits. The old slaver eventually retired with his riches and left the two T’surr to his protege, a young Rhodian who’d go on to make a killing by allowing all kinds of illegal trafficking through his pub, the Sleeping Merdeth. They’ve spent the last ten years standing guard at the establishment and saw no hope of escape…

Fortune favored the two warriors, however. They were inadvertently rescued by a group of determined adventurers who killed their former controller when he attempted to ambush them with security droids. In their gratitude they pledge themselves to these littler warriors and now, after taking care of a little business on Geonosis, await their call should their strength be needed.

Tulg and Zulg

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