Rosh Torion

Cathar Bodyguard


Soldier 3/Bodyguard 3

Strength: 14 (15 w/Kwa Gauntlets)
Dexterity: 19 (20 w/Kwa Gauntlets)
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 8

Defense- 23
Total DR- 5
Wound Points- 16
Vitality Points- 53 (needs to be rolled)
Force Points- 11
Dark Side Points- 3
Speed- 12m

Astrogate- 1
Computer Use- 1
Demolitions- 4
Gather Information- 6
Intimidate- 6
Move Silently- 5
Pilot- 1
Repair- 6
Sense Motive-4
Spot- 5
Treat Injury- 1

Armor Proficiency (Light)
Combat Reflexes
Force Sensitive
Martial Arts
Defensive Martial Arts
Point Blank Shot
Weapon Group (Blaster Pistols)
Weapon Group (Blaster Rifles)
Weapon Group (Heavy Weapons)
Weapon Group (Simple Weapons)
Weapon Group (Vibro Weapons)
Natural Weapons (Cathar)
Harm’s Way (Bodyguard)
Combat Sense +1 (Bodyguard)

Saving Throws
Fortitude Save 8
Reflex Save 9
Will Save 3

Initiative +5

Species Note:

  • Cathar unarmed claw attack
    Total Attack Bonus 7
    Damage 1d8 slashing +strength modifier
    Critical 20
    Does not provoke attacks of opportunity


  • Personalized Blaster Rifle (+1)
    Total Attack Bonus 12
    Damage 3d8-1 energy
    Critical 19-20
    Stun DC 18
    Range 30 m
    Multifire Capability @ 8/8
  • Degenerate Longshot
    Total Attack Bonus 10
    Damage 3d10+3 energy
    Critical 18-20
    Range 60 m
    Bonus: 1 Att bonus per range increment when firing at targets 20m away or more;
    -1 per range increment when firing at targets 8m away or closer
    Special: Requires Str 15
    to wield
  • Vibro-Bayonet w/Searing Vibrodagger Hilt
    Total Attack Bonus 7
    Damage 2d4+2 slashing or 2d4 (unmounted) or 1d4 (unmounted & powered off)
    (Melee so add Strength Modifier to Damage)
    Damage 1d6+1 fire
    Critical 20
    Opponents get +2 on Listen checks when vibro-bayonet is powered
  • Clan Torion Armor (+1)
    Max Dex +5
    Damage Reduction +4
    Check Penalty -1
    +1 Will Saves; +2 Attack and Defense vs Mandalorians
  • Kwa Gauntlets
    Damage Reduction +1
    +1 Str +1Dex
  • R82 Jump Boots
    Jump 50m @ Low altitude
  • Incom Speeder Bike
    4.3 m long; Cargo Capacity 50kg
    Speed 50 m; Max Velocity 120km/h
    Crew 1; Passengers 1
    Initiative +1; Maneuver +3
    Defense 11; Shield Points 0
    Hull Points 25; DR 5
  • Kwa Celestial Stone
    +2 Sense Force; Can sense and track any Force signature within 100m
  • Energy Cell x2
  • Power Pack x2
  • Power Pack (Disruptor) x6
  • Medical Kit x3
  • Medpac x1
  • Medpac (+1) x1
  • Aquata Breather
  • Comlink
  • Credit Chip
  • Grappling Launcher
  • Liquid Cable Dispenser
  • Glow Rod
  • Toolkit
  • Spare Jump Fuel Cells x2
  • Binder Cuffs
  • Vennoc-x Chronometer
    Remaining Credits- 14,647

He is a former soldier who after the Mandalorians slaughtered the majority of his people in the Battle of Cathar fought alongside the Republic forces in the Mandalorian Wars.

Since the Mandalorian Wars ended, he has been trying to work free lance as a mercenary/bodyguard/security consultant but is open to other lucrative endeavors. Mostly he just wants to do what he can to help his people rebuild after they have been decimated and somewhat scattered across the galaxy. What success and riches he may achieve will be devoted to that cause.

Like all Cathar, he is super loyal to a select few people who have earned it and has complete hatred for his enemies, especially Mandalorians for some reason. He holds the jedi who helped fight off the Mandalorians in high regard.

He’s not the wisest, smartest, or most outgoing person, but that’s because I had some crummy dice rolls.

Rosh Torion

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