Possessed Whuffa Worm (former apprentice Czarino)

A massive whuffa worm mutated by the Dark Side.


Lvl 5 Sithspawned Whuffa Worm

VP/WP 25/16 (head); 10 WP (tail segments)

DR 7 (head, -1 for each destroyed tail segment)

STR 15

DEX 14

CON 16

WIS 11


CHA 13

Ref 3
Fort 10
Will 1

Def 8

Att 8 (head); 5 (tail)

Mutated bite (1d10+1; crit 19-20)
Tail whip (1d6; chance of stun vs Ref save of 10+)

Intimidate 8


Speed: 6m (surface); 20m (burrow)


When Sith Apprentice Czarino saw Mortalis perish, he knew that could not be the end of his new master. He and three other faithful Dead Lekku soon found Mortalis’s holocron, confirming this belief and the four of them fled Korriban. Czarino chose the seclusion of the mostly uninhabited planet of Dathomir and hid himself within a Star Temple to mask his presence in the Force.
After decades of trying and failing to understand Mortalis’s holocron, he elected to infuse his essence into one of the massive whuffa worms, creating a truly massive and terrifying guardian for his master’s secrets.

Possessed Whuffa Worm (former apprentice Czarino)

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