Par Trensel

An intern at Alderaan's national museum.


Par was born into a family well-known for its contributions to the historical preservation of Alderaan, including the ancient Killik mounds. The Trensel family has also been a longstanding and proud patron of the National Museum of Alderaan, and Par was no different. He graduated with a degree in history and immediately put it to use as an intern at the museum. Par became revered in academic circles for his tireless work in the field that lead to the discovery of many important artifacts and information the ancient inhabitants of Alderaan.

However, later on his relationship with the museum’s current curator became strained amid rumors that some of his discoveries came not from long field work, but rather the shadowy vaults of black market dealers. Par has been searching for a way to silence his critics, but had failed consistently. Then one of his black market contacts, the Red Vornskrs, told him that they were on to something big, something that would make his name the biggest on Alderaan. The discovery of the Gladiator’s Mound was too tantalizing to pass up but the Vornskrs ran into trouble on Geonosis and hiked up their price, putting Par in a difficult position…

Par Trensel

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