Kwi Broodmother

The matriarch of a kwi herd.


VP/WP 25/15

Str 16
Dex 16
Con 15
Wis 9
Int 9
Cha 0

DR 5 (scales)
Combat Reflexes

LIsten 4
Spot 4
Search 4


In certain tribes of Kwi the leading of the herd falls to a matriarch rather than a bull male. Known as the broodmother, this kwi dictates where the herd eats and drinks and when to run when danger is near, among other things. Normally docile, this particular kwi was driven mad by the Dark Side of the Force and has, in turn, infected her young, causing them to lash out at any who come near and practice the wholly un-kwi-like activity of scavenging.

Kwi Broodmother

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