Kezo Leff

The callous former CEO of Tein Mon.


Vault key
Kezo’s cape (Int +1, Cha +1)


Kezo Leff’s one and only motivation in life is money. He was ruthless even in his school days, frequently extorting his classmates into fixing his grades and taking the fall for his disturbing pranks.

As Kezo approached adulthood he was apprenticed into the Tein Mon manufacturing company and became CEO in only a year when the former CEO was found to be associated with underground, slave-driven mining operations that supplied his company. Though no real evidence was produced, it was enough to cause the former CEO to retire and hand over the reigns of the company to Kezo. Leff’s time running Tein Mon was characterized by fatal “accidents” that could never be satisfactorily tied to the company and craftsmanship that was rife with signs of corners being cut.

Kezo’s blind greed caught up with him when a manufacturing droid malfunctioned and killed a long-tenured worker. The worker’s family sued but lost the case, and Kezo thought it was the end of the matter. Then, a few years later, the same family opened their own company and bought out his, disassembling it and selling to various other manufacturers, and relieving Kezo of his duties as CEO. Kezo’s reputation was poison to any attempts restart his career in weapons and so he drifted for a time until he found himself in the streets of Alderaan, though not before taking revenge on Carmeck Zel by infiltrating his company and crippling his prize creation, the Sun Blotter.

There he discovered the well-hidden artifact black market of Alderaan and his true calling: the life of a crime lord. He changed his name to Mag and created a cartel named the Red Vornskrs that he quickly built into a formidable underground power. The mania for history and the arts on Adleraan made Leff a wealthy man and a feared crime lord. But then his paths crossed with the history of Geonosis and, unbeknownst to him at the time, the history of the galaxy…

Kezo Leff

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