Guard Captain Gezzer

A traitorous Geonosian enforcer.


Lvl 4 soldier

VP/WP 44/13

Str 20
Dex 17
Con 13
Int 11
Wis 9
Cha 10

Def 19
Att 8
DR 2
Init 3

Fort 5
Ref 4
Will 0

Speed: 16m

Weapons Proficiencies
Power Attack

Petranaki scimitar (1d6+2, crit 20)
Medkit x2
Captain’s Insignia


Gezzer was born into a respected warrior caste family and was immediately sent into guard training. He excelled and earned captain in just two years. Gezzer was never happy in his work, knowing he’d never be able to go further and both envied and reviled the aristocrat caste because of this. Gezzer resorted to under the table dealings as an extra source of income. He slowly brought most of his guard force into his schemes and eventually made deals with some big cartels and families, including the Alderaan-based Red Vornskrs. He had intended to go off planet with his wealth but things changed not too long after he connected with the Vornskrs…

Gezzer’s underhanded dealings cost him dearly in the end. He and a handful of his most trusted guards had been left behind to dispose of any curious trespassers and ran afoul of a fierce young Sith and his companions. His treachery was revealed post-mortem to the Guard Corps by an academic noble named Sahn.

Guard Captain Gezzer

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