Elder Feloor

The elder of the rebuilding Cathar clans.


Feloor was a youth and not yet fully trained in the ways of the warrior when he found himself thrust into the unforgiving arms of war. He received most of his combat training in a Republic facility on the planet Duro for the purpose of become familiar with their weaponry and armor. A few weeks before the battle of Onderon he became a legend among his people and well respected among Republic forces. His training facility was the target of a group of rogue Sith Marauders (hired Force-sensitive assassins who aren’t considered true Sith) who slipped onto the planet unnoticed disguised as employees of a freight company that shipped materials for ships and speeders to Duro.

The assassins planted thermal charges on the base’s medical facilities but made it seem that they were targeting a weapons factory in Duro’s manufacturing sector. While the Marauders directly engaged Republic forces at the factory, Feloor had realized the misdirection and reached the facility in time to evacuate the medical personnel and subsequently disarmed the charges only moments before they were set to detonate, saving numerous lives and preserving important medical equipment that would be used to save lives in the field later on.

Feloor went on to gain further accolades during the remainder of the war and retired from the life a soldier to become a Hunt Arbiter, a component of the traditional Cathar Blood Hunt who observed the one undergoing the ritual from afar to verify the participant’s ultimate success or failure. His life went on thus for 17 years until the Mandalorians launched their infamous attack on his home planet. He was one of the first to start fighting back and rallied what warriors he could. Had it not been for Feloor and his clansmen the Cathar would not have held out as long as they had. Feloor himself took a few blaster bolts to allow his family to escape, causing the Mandalorians to think he was dead. Feloor’s great will and rudimentary connection the Force kept him alive until he was rescued by some of the same Republic doctors that he’d saved some years before.

The strength of will that saved him also drove his recovery, allowing him to lend his great combat prowess and intelligence to the war effort. He fought in every conflict, including the war’s terrible conclusion on Malachor V. Since the end of the war he’s been on Cathat acting as head elder during the rebuilding of his home.

Elder Feloor

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