Darth Drose

A former Sith Inquisitor turned hermit


Lv 1 Sith Inquisitor (modified Force Adept)/ Lv 2 Dark Force Witch

Str 13

Dex 11

Con 12

Int 17

Wis 14

Cha 13

Att 2
Def 14

Fort 4
Ref 3
Will 8

Init 0

VP/WP 27/12

Inspire Fear -1
Spider Walk
Weapon Proficiency (primitive weapons, simple weapons, Sith sword)
Sith Sorcery

Alchemy (Int): 4
Climb (Str): 6
Drain Knowledge (Int): 6
Fear (Wis): 4
Force Grip (Int): 6
Knowledge (Culture- Toprawa; Int): 6
Knowledge (World Lore- Dathomir; Int): 6
Listen (Wis): 4
Move Object (Wis): 6
Spot (Wis): 4
Survive (Wis): 6

Drose’s Sith sword (2d6+1)
Drose’s robe (+1 to Dark Side Force skills; +2 to will saves)
Alchemical botany tools (can mutate plants in various ways)
Archive scroll: Dathomir


Darth Drose was known as one of the most reviled taskmasters in the history of the Sith. The former Inquisitor is famous for creating the most terrible torture tools known to the Inquisitor’s sect and for his strange and dark affinity and experiments with carnivorous plants.

He was also an expert at sorting the weak apprentices from the strong, and was, as one might expect, hated for this. Many apprentices plotted against him but either forgot their anger while focusing on bigger things or were killed before their vengeance could be enacted. However, a group of rejects who’d become Sith Acolytes nearly succeeded in assassinating Drose, prompting the old Sith to go into hiding and heal his grievous injuries.

He went first to the Force rich planet of Dathomir, but after some time found the ancient Force-artifice structures littering the surface inhibited the planet’s flora and so made his way to the uncorrupted forest of Toprawa, intending to draw from the dense growth there to reinvigorate himself. After some months he found that, though his injuries were repaired, he was no longer in any condition to carry on his duties and so remained in isolation, continuing his vile experiments with plants and writing down his findings…

Darth Drose

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