Carmeck Zel

The former CEO and founder of Wheng Calmar


Lv 3 Noble


Carmeck Zel, like most Mon Calamarians, was born into Mon Calamari’s weapons manufacturing industry. His father and mother were expert shipbuilders, but their talents languished with the now defunct Tein Mon company. The company’s business model consisted of making lower-quality versions of popular military and transport vessels while still charging the same amount of money. His parents were disgusted with this but couldn’t leave. They had a family raise and bills to pay. Some years later, young Carmeck joined his parents at Tein Mon. Then, a year later, Carmeck’s father died on the job due to a faulty, exceedingly outdated labor droid . After an unsuccessful attempt to bring Tein Mon to justice through the courts, Carmeck and his mother both quit, and started the Wheng Calmar corporation. The expertise of the Zel family caused their new venture to boom within a few years, and allowed them to buy and disassemble Tein Mon when Carmeck was only 24 standard years old.

However, success always draws attention, and Wheng Calmar’s unprecedented rise drew the gaze of Sigre Arms and Spacecraft Manufacturing. The Sigres were, and still are, one of the most powerful Mon Calamarian arms manufacturers not actually based on the Mon Cal homeworld. Zel, bolstered by his success so far, took no heed of this new found attention from the Sigres and pushed on with plans to design the biggest cruiser the Republic had ever seen: a new capital class ship he referred to as a Sun Blotter. The Sigres offered to help, and Zel, taking notice of the Sigres for the first time since he was a youngling, readily agreed to the offer. His design had proven to be too much even for his prodigious skills, a first for him, and the aid of veterans like the Sigres would be an incredible boon. Even the best still take any opportunity to learn. After a solid year of trial and error, they finally found a way to make the massive ships viable and unveiled their design to galaxy-wide awe via a holonet conference. The ship boasted firepower that neither the Sith Empire or Republic had ever seen before, as well as shields that could stand up to super weapon fire and advanced technology that could transport ground forces (including heavy vehicles) consisting of 1000+ units to the surface of a planet in the blink of an eye, giving it incredible tactical value.

The Republic was the first, and only, bidder on the 1.5 million Cr ship. They used it to devastating effect against the Empire, even briefly taking control of two planets that the Sith had held for millenia. Then, just before its fourth battle, the Sun Blotter suffered a catastrophic malfunction. Just after arriving into the orbit of Korriban, the hyperdrive core initiated another jump that no ranking officer authorized and no member of the engineering crew triggered. Half the ship hyperjumped and ended up in the heart of a star. It just had time to send the coordinates before disintegrating. 3000 lives were lost and the Republic’s great (and expensive) weapon was no more. An investigation revealed that the core had been fed conflicting coordinates, causing it to attempt a hyperjump to both destinations at once. Sigre was exonerated. Their donations to the massive ship had been its weapons and shield systems, so they’d had nothing to do with the hyperdrive core. The finger was pointed at Zel, accusing him of a faulty design. There wasn’t enough evidence one way or the other, so the case was dropped but Zel was ruined. The Sigres even publicly withdrew their support to make sure their image remained unblemished.

Not long after this scandal, Carmeck left Mon Cal and settled on Alderaan, where he now specializes in yacht-class ships for the wealthy nobles of his new home. He is quite bitter at having been reduced to making luxury ships for clueless rich folk, and to this day has not stopped investigating what really happened with the Sun Blotter in hopes of clearing his name and getting back into arms manufacturing…

Carmeck Zel

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