Death Stars and Krayt Dragons

The schedule from here on in

Alright, guys, this time of the year is always busy, but a lot of us have a lot going on right now in addition to the normal craziness. Pilz will be getting married soon (congrats to him!), Pip is going out of town next week, Pat’s been working hard on his school projects, I’m getting a lot more hours, etc. As you know I called off last night’s session because of all the business and because, frankly, I was unprepared due to getting called into work a significant number of times since the last session.

I’m gonna work on budgeting my time better, but the main reason I posting to this is to ask you guys what you want to do for the next couple sessions. Pilz won’t be available til mid-November or so due to his upcoming nuptials, so, do we want to keep doing three man sessions until Pilz can join us or do we want take a hiatus for a bit until things settle down? Lemme know what you want to do by either replying to this post or messaging me on FB.



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