Death Stars and Krayt Dragons

Session 7 recap

The bigger they are...

Thanks to their ingenuity while imprisoned on Gundo the Hutt’s transport ship, our heroes find themselves alive and undetected in the heart of Hutt space. Making the most of the opportunity, they grill the locals on the museum they’ve been directed to and find out that while it’s most certainly a front for a number of illegal activities, even the bravest and most skilled of thieves have not dared tried to infiltrate it. Klorr, using her knowledge of Hutt space, introduces them to a contact of hers, a fence who’s dealt directly with Gundo. He knows of a way to get them it, but says that it won’t be easy. Gundo the Hutt runs a competition and tends to lavish favors on the survivors.

He hands them each a small yellow data chip and leads them to the museum. He takes them around back and gets them into a secret door, but then vanishes before they can ask what’s waiting for them. Upon stepping into the building and riding the elevator down, they slowly realize that they’re about to enter into an arena of some kind. They spot a projector and Klorr, a fluent speaker of Huttese, translates. She says that the crowd is chanting their names, and that the announcer says that they’re something of a guest of honor in this competition. They also realize that this barbaric pit is a game show. They’re a bit concerned, but they also know that this is their best opportunity to talk to Gundo and so they decide to use their entrance chips and enter the arena.

The announcer explains that their opponent will be chose by a chance cube, which rolls to one of the red sides. This causes a door to open in corner of the arena and a lone Gammorrean, introduced as Gammorrean Gort, steps into the stadium. The crowd initially lets out a roar but then quiets down as a series of lumbering footsteps, accompanied by a deep growl, makes their way toward the entrance. A hulking, vicious watch-beast, called Froo-Froo by its master, takes its place by his side and, after a few moments of preperation, the battle begins. A long, tense battle ensues. Perandor, with his new double-bladed lightsaber and Rosh wore down their opponents while Klorr kept their vitality up, resulting in a close but decisive victory for our heroes. They’re then quickly ushered into a room with a sophisticated holoprojecter where they’re greeted by a very impressed Gundo. Gundo thanks them for sending his ratings through the roof and rewards them handsomely. Not only did he proffer the promised information and item to Rosh and Perandor respectively, but he also gave them a substantial amount of credits and access to his personal merchant network.

Now with the locations of his family at last, Rosh looks the mainland of Nal Hutta, with Perandor and Klorr following him for their own reasons…



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