Death Stars and Krayt Dragons

Session 6 recap

It's a trap!

Rosh and Perandor bid Dr. Kal-Daj farewell and approached the government quarter in hopes of using the information they’d obtained on the Xim clan as leverage with the Hutts. They found a few members of the Hutt delegation’s guard taking a break in a cantina and, thanks to the intimidating presence of Rosh, agreed to take them to the Hutts. Thanks to the info they possessed the negotiations went smoothly enough, but immediately after leaving the presence of Gundo the Hutt something went wrong with the elevator they had boarded. It stopped dead about half way down, prompting Rosh to take apart the control panel. A little investigation revealed the presence of a device that had no place in the guts of elevator control panel and reached in to pull it out. However, upon touching it, a jolt of electricity blasted through the elevator car, knocking Rosh and Perandor out cold.

They awoke in a cell in the hold of the very ship Gundo had promised to lend to them with a Gamorrean guard leering in at them. They asked why Gundo had done this, and the guard responded that Gundo never said they’d be going to Nar Shadaa as free men and left with a nasty laugh. As Rosh and Perandor surveyed their surroundings, they made the acquaintance of a Dathomir witch named Klorr who’d been captured by the Hutts while rooting around for information on the Jedi. They eventually spotted a control panel which Perandor blasted with Force lighting, which caused it to malfunction and open up their cells.

After agreeing to take the witch along with them they turned their focus on finding their gear. Here Perandor and Klorr elected to focus on the Force and located their weapons in a storage room down the hall. They managed to lure in the Gamorrean guards out and knock out one, allowing Rosh to grab the beast’s vibroax and kill the other one. They gathered their gear and then figured out how to take over the ship without alerting the Hutts and came up with a cunning plan: using an emergency alarm lever, they’d lure the crew into a trap built by Rosh from parts found in the storage room. The plan worked beautifully. The remaining armed crew members were incapacitated and throw into the recently vacated cells after Rosh repaired the control panel, and the captain piloted the ship to a safe landing on a private Hutt port. Rosh, Perandor and Klorr now made plans to get what they came for…



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