Death Stars and Krayt Dragons

Session 5 recap

A brief history of Raxus Prime...

Our heroes landed in Raxus Prime and were immediately whisked away by a noble and his guards who were under impression that the Empire had sent them to lend aid. The noble revealed himself to be the last member of the Xim royal family and that he was having a great deal of trouble with the Hutts. The Hutts were attempting to complete a hostile takeover millennia in the making by means of using his great ancestor’s credentials to lay claim to the last remaining unspoiled piece of land on Raxus Prime. He had tried everything to stop the Hutts but they held all the power in this game of tug of war. However, he then informs them that he’s made a discovery that could potentially save his family’s land. He came into possession of a type of datapad that hadn’t been seen in the galaxy for nearly 10,000 years and that bore his family’s crest. He found that the book bore financial and trade records for none other than Daritha Xim, Cielpha Xim’s notorious great ancestor. The last few entries, however, were not in Tionese, the language of the human population of Raxus Prime back then but, rather, in a supposedly extinct variant of the Sith language. Not even the Nikato Machinist’s could translate it (though they were able to tell him that the entries were only about 2000 years old) and he was hoping that a student of the Sith might be able to read it.

Due to the age of entries and the presence of the Sith language and Xim’s ties to the Hutts both Rosh and Perandor immediately agreed to pursue the man’s request. Perandor had no training in ancient Sith, but his newly built protocol droid, P-3P0 could. P-3P0 translated the writings as a journal of sorts written by a Sith apprentice on the lam by the name of Keph. Keph told of how he’d fled the order after the death of Darth Mortalis and had been captured by Hutt slavers while wandering what had once been Tionese space. They stripped him of his lightsaber and shipped him off to a Hutt proxy factory on Raxus Prime. He escaped this servitude easily enough but was pursued and badly injured before evading his captors in a ruined storage unit. The wounds were too grievous for his abilities in the Force and he ended up spending the last of his days in that shed.

Armed with the location of this storage unit and set of vehicles from Xim, they arrived in just a few hours time. A first it appeared to be nothing more than a great mound of earth, but an examination by Kal-Daj revealed to be overgrowth on the structure they were searching for. Their exploration of the building proved to be quite hazardous. The very entry way was trapped, which they discovered after failing to bypass the ancient Tionese security terminal. Kal-Daj ended up being knocked by the resultant gas that began filling the room and Perandor and Rosh were briefly incapacitated. The effects of the gas wore off long enough for Perandor and Rosh to destroy the decrepit disposal droids that were attempting to carry off Kal-Daj and, after reviving him, they pushed on in the building. Shortly after doing so they ran afoul of a nest of vicious Bloodsniffers which, though they survived, left them in a weakened state. Fortunately the other rooms were not so lethal. They found an old armory filled with rare and exotic weapons and armors, a long disused room that had clearly been the resting place of Keph and an archive brimming with old holotapes, book and artifacts, including some, Kal-Daj realized, that might have belonged to the Rakatans or even the Celestials themselves. Kal-Daj was too distracted with the artifacts to notice Rosh and Perandor holding a conference over the records that Xim sought. The Hutts held answers for both men and the felt it would be in their best interests to take these records to the Hutts so as to be able to manipulate them. They made their way to the capital of Raxus Prime and bid farewell to Kal-Daj, who’d elected to stay with the Nikato Machinists to study the artifacts. Rosh and Kal-Daj now turned their sights to the capital’s political sector…



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