Death Stars and Krayt Dragons

Session 4 recap

In our last session we visited the rebuilding planet of Cathar to find Apprentice Zal. Our intrepid quartet landed in an abandoned area of the Ciju Deniki, one of the planet’s greatest forests. Due to the rough landing Patan stayed back to work on his ship while Rosh, Kal-Daj and Perandor went on ahead to search for clues. A few meters into the woods they came upon one of Cathar’s great city trees, a city tree which belonged to none other than Rosh’s own clan. Rosh revealed that part of his purpose for coming back home was the hope that he could find some clue to the whereabouts of his wife and children. Rosh took some time to examine the familiar carvings in the tree and abandoned tenements within but found nothing of interest. He regained his composure and they pressed on after Perandor found a faint trace of Force energy leading north.

The northern path revealed a brand new city tree with story carvings depicting that the city was founded near the beginning of the rebuilding process. Meanwhile, stealthy Cathar guards had crept up behind them, eventually alerting Kal-Daj and Perandor to their presence, though Rosh was, at first, too enamored with this new city tree. Rosh eventually picked up on the growlings of his native language and realized that whoever was speaking was verging on attacking his companions. He managed to intervene, however, and was given permission to enter the city tree and speak to elder Feloor. Feloor graciously welcomed Rosh and his friends to Nyarah and asked their purpose. Rosh explained their story and Feloor stated that while he knew little of Rosh’s family he did know something of an unusual grave. However, the elder’s minor Force sensitivity gave him an uneasy feeling about Perandor and so he decided to test Rosh and his companions for trustworthiness by assigning them two tasks: locating his son who’d stormed off to undertake the Cathar Blood Hunt ritual in response to an argument they’d had and figuring out why his people were disappearing around an old kiltik nest known as the Great Queen’s Hive.

Rosh understood the elder’s concerns as he had misgivings about Perandor himself and willingly accepted the elder’s tasks. After a brief discussion the three decided to investigate Te’thel, the missing elder’s son. Rosh knew that the task would be dangerous as the only place Te’thel would be able to carry about a Blood Hunt since the Mandalorian invasion would be the Ailing Fens. The Fens were the site of a famous Blood Hunt that supposedly drove an entire kiltik nest to extinction, though it was never proven for certain. Aside of that, it was also crawling with huge fisher spiders, arachnids that used their webbing as lures rather than tree-spanning traps. Upon entering the Fens they spotted two paths and decided that it would behoove them to proceed as carefully and quietly as possible. Perandor, however, tripped over root and splashed the water at the edge of a bog, causing a thick rope of webbing to launch seemingly out of no where. Kal-Daj examined it and found that, while it was fisher spider webbing, it had an usual quality to it, though he could place his finger on it. They pressed on and found two separate entrances that lead further into the woods in two different directions.

They elected to take the top most entrance first and ended up finding a dark, web-enclosed grove of trees that contained several clutches of enormous spider eggs. Kal-Daj spotted some creatures tending to the eggs and realized that the kiltiks had somehow bred with the fish spiders. Rosh in the mean time spotted fresh Cathar tracks in the area, though they went no further than where the were standing and had turned back toward the way they’d came. This, in conjunction with Perandor picking up on a humanoid presence nearby with the Force, prompted them to try the other path, which found them in a cavernous, heavily webbed copse of trees. This put them on edge, but they soon spotted their quarry. Te’thel was wrapped tightly in the same thick webbing and was stuck to a wall in a far corner of the copse. Kal-Daj and Rosh managed to successfully steal over to that wall, but Perandor once again suffered a moment of imbalance and made a commotion as he tripped and fell. As before a rope of webbing, much thicker than the previous strand, shot out of the darkness, and this time Perandor was unable to evade it. Rosh and Kal-Daj drew their weapons while Perandor struggled to free himself. He succeeded but ended up flat on his face on the copse floor, and at that point the launcher of the web rope came into sight. An absolutely enormous spider emerged from the shadows, the spider-kiltik queen. Perandor scrambled to his feet and helped Rosh and Kal-Daj cut down the heavily armored arachnid. The freed a very grateful Te’thel who raced home to to patch things up with his father.

The three then turned their attentions to the Great Queen’s Hive. Upon examining the area outside the hive they found a number of fresh footprints, most of which were the bare, padded-feet of Cathar, but some of which were from heavy boots. They quickly entered the cave and found a pile of bones, which Kal-Daj examined. The pile was a mixture of Cathar and human remains dating back to about the time of the Mando invasion. Their attention was then caught by a faint light deeper in the cave and a soft sound of voices. The three crept forward and found that the light was coming from an old chamber that was filled with cages containing ragged Cathar people. Much to Rosh’s outrage, men bearing Neo-Crusader Mandalorian armor were trundling around preparing the cages for shipping. Rosh and company managed to get the drop on the men and engaged them in combat. The leader of the group called Rosh Fur Face and stated he and his friends would fetch a nice price on the slave market. Rosh and Kal-Daj managed to subdue him and then freed the caged Cathar and asked them what exactly was going on. They explained that this man, fancying himself Mandalore the Usurper, had attempted to rebuild the Mandalorian empire (as had so many other Mandalorian clans) and was building up funds from slave trading to do so. One of the other slaves had overheard the slavers talking about some of their early sales, and told Rosh that his family had been among them, and had been sold to the Hutts, though he knew no more than that.

Rosh bound up the would-be Mandalore and deposited him in the custody of Elder Feloor. Feloor was immensely grateful for their help and presented them with a good chunk of credits for their help and gave Rosh his family’s ceremonial armor, an heirloom they’d rescued from the Torion city tree. He then told them of a catacomb they’d found in an old kiltik hive called the Carrion Mound. The hive itself was empty, but the desert path leading to it was still guarded by antlion kiltiks. Rosh, Perandor and Kal-Daj traversed the sand traps with little difficulty and entered the Mound, finding the tomb in short order. The casket contained an old, non-functioning lightsaber. However, when Perandor took hold of it, he immediately sensed a piece of life essence within the weapon, incredibly old and mindlessly angry, which he surmised to be a piece of Mortalis himself. So, with another piece of the puzzle in their possession they made way to Raxus Prime…



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