Death Stars and Krayt Dragons

Session 3 recap

First, an apology. Once again I’ve not been very communicative and I do apologize. Been dealing with illness since last Friday but I’m doing better now.

Any way, we last left off at our arrival on Alderaan. Our heroes, a man short due to Patan’s absence, nonetheless pressed on into Alderaan’s merchant quarter to find both Go’lor’s coffin and the Quarren that had left their host, Carmeck Zel, in his current state.

Upon arriving in the merchant quarter the first thing that caught their attention was the enormous and stately building that dominated the area. This building was the Alderaan Museum of Art and History, and that was where they started their search, though not before carefully avoiding two Republic Security officers. When they entered the building they nearly ran headlong into a a pacing intern, Par Trensel. Par guardedly filled them in on his situation: he worked with Alderaan’s well-hidden artifact black market to obtain some of the museum’s greatest pieces, and what was arguably the greatest piece was on planet, but was being withheld by his supplier, the Red Vornskrs. Perandor, Kal-Daj and Rosh agreed to go investigate and were pointed to a contact of Par’s at the Golden Gezzer tavern.

The tavern was quite crowded and they had to evade two Republic Security officers but eventually found the contact. He told them to meet him behind the houses across the way and he’d give them further information meeting his boss, Mag. However, this turned out to be a set up as the three were ambushed the contact and his men. Then, Perandor drew his saber and felled one of the thugs, causing the rest to flee and the contact to surrender. He half-heartedly apologized, stating that protocol was to dispose of anyone who wasn’t an established regular customer and agreed to take them to Mag if they spared his life.

They agreed to do so but held him at gun point the whole way and arrived at a nondescript door on the outside of a nondescript building. He opened and motioned them inside, but they were quite suspicious. They took a second to investigate and saw that it was only an elevator, but they were still very leery of entering and so kept their captive at gun point as they entered. At first all seemed to be above board but then, a few minutes in the lights suddenly went out. Rosh lunged for their prisoner and bellowed for an explanation but he received no answer and his hand found no purchase. A moment later the lights came back on and the contact was gone. Kal-Daj and Rosh examined the elevator and found a compartment in the floor, but it was sealed off and they had no choice but to let the elevator run its course.

It stopped after what seemed like an eternity (during which time Kal-Daj, Rosh and Perandor readied their weapons) and they stepped out, finding themselves in a room with four doors leading in four different directions. The first room they entered contained scientists and technicians, who immediately dropped what they were doing and attacked the intruders. However, their combat prowess was nothing compared to the well-honed skills of the invaders and they were quickly felled. The room proved to contain the coffin as well as some gruesome experiments but they couldn’t leave yet as they needed to see if they could find any information on Kezo Leff, the Quarren Zel was after.

So they began to look into the other three rooms. The next room was dark, with the only light coming from computer screens and the only beings within being slicers who were too busy with their work to notice them. The managed to sneak through the room, but Perandor stayed back and slipped up behind one of the slicers, killing him for no other reason than, quite simply, he could. This didn’t sit well with Rosh and Kal-Daj, but time was short so they moved on to the next room, which proved to be the Red Vornskrs’ barracks. This time, upon successfully getting through unheard, they made sure that their presence was unnoticed and made their way to the last room in the building: Mag’s command room.

Mag was the only one in this room and they managed to get the drop on him, causing him to turn around in his chair with his hands up in surrender. They demanded information from him, finding out that he was, in fact Kezo Leff. As they prepared to apprehend him they were ambushed by Leff’s elite guards, who’d been hidden and used the time our heroes spent interrogating Leff to sneak up on them. The three of them quickly dispatched the heavies, took Leff into custody and took the coffin with them.

They headed back to Zel’s home and put Leff in his possession while they focused on the coffin. They decided, despite promising Par that they wouldn’t mess with it, to crack it open. They found what they were looking for and them some. Go’lor turned out to be the Dead Lekku’s record keeper and had all a holodisk with all of said records buried with him, as well as Mortalis’s meditation focus. That, combined with ceremonial Geonosian burial treasures found with the other items and a saber crystal found in Leff’s office resulted in a good haul. They left the empty coffin with Par and, after some discussion, decided to head to Cathar to investigate another of the remaining burial sites…



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