Death Stars and Krayt Dragons

In between sessions 3

Raxus Prime, at this time in Star Wars history, is not the junkyard hell that’s depicted during the Rise of the Empire era. Industry has replaced the great kingdoms of old, but the planet still has natural beauty to it and the old Hutt conflicts are still alive and well, carried on by the remaining members of the Xim bloodline. The Xim are very wealthy and have largely ignored the great Galactic conflict in favor of finally ending their long feud with the Hutts, who wish to take over Raxus Prime as part of their burgeoning empire due to the planets incredible manufacturing potential.

Meanwhile, the Nikato Machinists, who have no particular allegiance, are looking for expert craftsmen to aid them in their endeavors to understand ancient Sith technology. They’ve recently funded internal expeditions to some of the ancient castles on the planets after stumbling upon a cache of Sith gear during their campaign to preserve the old palaces. They’re well versed in all manners of craftmanship, but the intricate, Force-based nature of these items is taxing even their great skill…



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